Investigatory Committee: No one wanted to detain Planeta Hotel director

According to the Investigatory Committee, reports, they had started no criminal cases against Valer Ahirenka at that moment. Therefore, no one wanted to arrest him. 

The officials of the Investigatory Committee say that Ahirenka's neighbours called the police twice. They were worried that the man was sitting on the railings on the balcony at the 8th floor and allegedly intended to jump down. The first operative group saw no one and left. However, the neighbours called the police again later. While the policemen were going upstairs, the man jumped down.

Yesterday it was reported that the director of Minsk hotel "Planet" had died. Suicide is claimed to be the main version. Nevertheless, the investigators are studying other versions as well.

The neighbours informed to Radio Liberty journalists that the policemen in bulletproof vests had come to the place where Ahirenka had lived, allegedly with an aim to arrest him.

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