“I don’t think she is so talented that she can be fastidious about a district newspaper”

The editor-in-chief of a Valozhyn newspaper “Pratsounaya Slava” (“Labour Glory”) Alena Pashkevich explained ERB why their district edition was so anxious about making Kseniya Avimava who has been announced the best blogger of the world recently a member of their staff.
A part-time reporter of an independent edition “Belarusy i Rynak” Ksenia Avimava has to pay the state 22 million roubles. The young journalist whose blog won еру international blogger contest in the middle of November has to pay this sum because she is refusing her assignment.

The faculty of journalism of Belarusian State University sent the graduate to a district Valozhyn newspaper “Labour Glory”. Kseniya gave an interview to “Salidarnast” and explained that the administration of the “Belarusy i Rynak” daily sent an appeal to the faculty in time. They asked to assign her to work for their newspaper.

But the commission decided that the rich independent daily could find specialists on its own while Avimava had to work according to the state’s assignment. ERB has found out that Avimava’s place in Valozhyn is still vacant. Alena Pashkevich, acting editor-in-chief of the district newspaper, informed about it:

“Young specialists are in demand here that’s why we sent an appeal to the faculty. The state commission assigned her. She has not arrived. She has to carry out the order of the state commission”.

Alena Pashkevіch refused to tell us what the salary of journalists working for “Labour Glory” was. Speaking about Kseniya Avimava, she said that the administration was ready to present her working conditions equal to everyone’s and lodgings. The editor-in-chief is indignant at the graduate not arriving at the editorial office:

“I have never seen her. Five months has passed since the assignment and she has not been polite enough to meet the editor. I do not think she is so talented to be fastidious about a district newspaper. I would like to read her articles to decide how professional they are. She has to obey the orders of the state commission”.

When ERB informed the editor that Kseniya Avimava was the best blogger in the world, she became even more interested in the young specialist.

“If she won a contest it means that we do need such specialists. We will be trying to get her so that she would raise the status of our newspaper and demonstrate how we should be working to keep up to date. The newspaper should be developing!”

In her turn, Kseniya is not going to leave for Valozhyn and is trying to find the money to pay off the assignment.

Photo by — “Salіdarnasts”