Woman hit by police van: It's good I didn't die! (video)


The incident occurred in the central square of Babruisk on June 29, the City Day. When police commandos were peforming a skill show-off, one of police vehicles involved in the show sddenly rammed the crowd of spectators, injuring a young woman.

Her name is Katsya. She does not want to talk to journalists. Reporters of kp.by tried to contact her in social networks but she restricted access to her page. She also left the following note there yesterday: "It's good I didn't die."

Katsya's friends reckon that she is refusing to comment on the accident, because her husband is a member of the riot police force. He was in a nearby car and saw his colleagues' van run over his wife on that day. The woman's acquaintances say that the young man promised not to ignore this case.

Katsya sustained ankle fracture. Doctors told journalists she was in a stable condition after surgery with her leg plastered.