Hrodna Region refuses to accept Svetlana Alexievich’s five-volume edition

Photo: Euroradio

Hrodna regional authorities have refused from Svetlana Alexievich’s free five-volume edition in Belarusian language, according to the edition's funder Belgazprom CEO Viktar Babaryka.

"Hrodna Region has introduced the notion ‘book sufficiency’. However, this edition is a translation of Svetlana Alexievich’s works into Belarusian and it has never existed before! Does it mean that the sufficiency of Alexievich’s books in Hrodna Region is zero?” the banker wondered.

Babaryka has urged libraries in the Hrodna Region to order the Nobel Prize laureate’s books directly at the regional affiliate of Belgazprombank.

The bank's plan was to donate 3 thousand copies of Svetlana Alexievich’s five-volume edition in the Belarusian language to libraries all over the country.

The money needed to print the edition was raised through a crowdfunding campaign. Belgazprombank was one of the major contributors. The participants of the crowdfunding campaign received their books at the cultural space “OK’16” in Minsk yesterday.