Hot water in Presidential Administration to be cut off

The Chief Economic Administration has told Euroradio correspondent that hot water at the address Karl Marx Street, 38 will be cut off on June 17-July 1.

There will be advertisements about the cutting-off in the administration building. However, the Belarusian leader's block has its own water heater, and the canteen has two water heaters as well.

Hot water will be also cut off in the buildings of the Interior Ministry, the KGB, the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the Ministry of Energetic and the "Gorvodokanal" since May 31. All these organizations will have to spend two weeks without hot water.

The building of the Minsk city executive committee is missing in the list of cuts-off for the upcoming month.

"I don't use hot water so I cannot tell you exactly," they answer to the question whether there was hot water in the building.

Representatives of "Minsk Heating Networks" explain that the Minsk city executive committee's address is not missing. It's just one of the buildings that are located at the other pipeline. 

Representative of "Minsk Heating Networks": "It is not missing, it belongs to another pipeline. They say in the district administration they will cut it off in July or August."

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