Hackers sell information from Medvedev’s gadgets

The hackers are auctioning information from the Russian PM’s gadgets, they say. The lot can be found at the portal Exchange of Information, RBK reports. The auction was started on February 9, and will end on February 23, 2015.

The group Anonymous International (aka Shaltay Boltay) is selling the information. The hackers say that the lot includes information from the Russian PM’s three gadgets connected to iCloud: a few thousand SMS, photos and videos made by the PM, the history of his phone calls, contacts, Skype information, etc. The size is over 1 Gb. The information from Medvedev’s gadgets was stolen in August 2014.

The initial price is 100 bitcoins (about 22 thousand dollars), the buyout price is 500 bitcoins (about $110 thousand).

Shaltay Boltay auctioned Natalya Timakova’s correspondence (Dmitri Medvedev’s press secretary) for 150 bitcoins (about $35 thousand) earlier.

Photo: therunet.com