Franak Vyachorka fined for 155 thousand BRB

Salihorsk Court has fined Franak Vyachorka for 5 base amounts (155 thousand BRB). He was detained near the building of the district court in Salihorsk on September 4 together with the other eight activists. The trial of Ivan Shyla was in process at that moment.
Franak Vyachorka informed ERB about it:

“My trial took the longest time. We listened to three witnesses – policemen. Their evidence was illogical and contradictory. As a result, we won a fine, if the expression may be tolerated”.

Trials of other activists ended a bit earlier. The leader of BNF Vintsuk Vyachorka and the father of Franak Vyachorka informed ERB that the activists were sentenced to 7 days of detention and fines.

“Ales Kalita and Lyudmila Atakulava have been sentenced to 7 days of detention. The others have been fined for 4 or 5 base amounts”.

Let us remind you that nine youth activists were detained near Salihorsk District Court where the trial of Ivan Shyla was in process. They are Ales Kalіta, Franak Vyachorka, Dzmіtryi Fedaruk, Dzmіtryi Yasevіch, Vіctar Dzenіsevіch, Dzmіtryi Karnou, Lyudmіla Atakulava, Tatstsyana Bulanava and Kasya Galіtskaya. They were accused of violation of rules of organization of mass actions.