Football: FC Minsk win Cup of Belarus, qualify for Europa League (video)

The Cup of Belarus final was played in Zhodzina and was a long-lasting and exhausting game. The score was 1:1 after the regulation time was over. Two additional 15-minutes periods  did not define the winner either. Then it came to penalty kicks, and Minsk FC smashed their rivals - 1:4.

Dynama Minsk played in the following squad: Hutar, Veratsila, Palitevich, Plaskonny, Trubila, Simovich, Bykau, Danilau, Figueredo, Stasevich, Kurelya.

FC Minsk involved the following players: Bushma, Behunou, Rnich, Sasnouski, Sachyuka, Kazeka, Pushnyakou, Bukatkin, Razin, Volkau, Vasilyuk.

The scorers were Syarhei Sasnouski (33) - 0:1, Hernán Figueredo (36) - 1:1. In the penalty kicks series, Syarhei Razhok (0:1), Mikita Bukatkin (0:2), Alyaksandr Sachyuka (0:3), Ihar Stasevich (1:3), and Vital Kibuk (1:4) were successful.

This is the first time Minsk FC won the Cup of Belarus. Last yeart, they were just one step from the victory, but lost to Naftan Navapoltsk in the final. The team has a right to play in the Europa League second qualification round now. Also, they will face the champions of Belarus in the game for the Super Cup of Belarus before the new season starts.

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