Expert: Belarus will not cover EU imports, but it may raise prices

This is what economist Leanid Zlotnikau said in an interview with Euroradio. It is to be recalled that today Russian President Vladimir Putin has banned or restricted for a year supply of food and agricultural products from countries that have imposed sanctions against Russia. 

Euroradio asked the economist whether Belarus will be able to increase its activities in the Russian market. According to Zlotnikau, Belarusian exporters in Russia are now working at the limit of their capabilities. At the same time half of food market in Russia is based on imported goods. The EU countries and the USA being the largest suppliers.

Zlotnikau: "Belarus will be able to substitute supplies from the EU - this is obvious. And Putin himself will be afraid to create a situation of food shortages and rising food prices, if he indeed prohibits import from the EU and the States." 

According to the expert, Putin is likely to ban the import from "particularly unpleasant" countries like Poland. 

Belarusian producers, even if they do not increase the volume of supplies, can raise prices of their products. 

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