Ex-speaker of Parliament Uladzimir Kanaplyou released from KGB prison

According to Pressball, Vice-President of the National Olympics Committee, President of the Belarusian Handball Federation Uladzimir Kanaplyou has been set free. The checking on him lasted for three days. Now, he "proceeded to his professional duties".

On November 27, Pressball informed that Uladzimir Kanaplyou had been arrested by the KGB, together with ex-assistant to Lukashenka and former Vice-president of the National Olympics Committee Henadz Alyakseenka. There is no information whether the latter was also released.

Uladzimir Kanaplyou is 49. In 1991-1994 he was an assistant to MP Alyaksandr Lukashenka, and then became assistant tot he state leader. In 2004-2007 Kanaplyou was a speaker of the House of Representatives in Belarus. Recently, he headed the Belarusian Handball Federation, was a Vice-President of the National Olympics Committee.

Photo - bymedia.net