Election observer to stand trial on Tuesday for Aktyabrski protest

Observer from Aktyabrski polling station #12 Alyona Lutskovich organized a picket against the rigged presidential election at the local market on October 30.

The woman headed for the Investigation Committee after the protest:

I had prepared a complaint about the violation of article #92 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus. It was accepted. The Investigation Committee will conduct a checkup.”

Aktyabrski Investigation Committee shares the building with the District Department of the Interior, the observer said.

“I came there at half past 12 and left at four o’clock.  They had been making a report about my unauthorized action. An administrative case was prepared and I was sent to court. However, the hearing was postponed until Tuesday. I refused to incriminate myself and they will summon the policemen who drew up the report to give evidence in court.”


Alyona Lutskovich will stand trial on November 3 at 12 p.m.

Photo: Andrei Pavuk