Customs officers have no data of how many Belarusians travel to EU

The Customs Committee made no researches on how many Belarusians go abroad and what they deliver from there. Deputy Chairman of the Committee Syarhei Barysyuk has informed this answering the question about the introduction of the exit fee - $100 per person.

"This issue is in the center of discussion now. Probably, there is a point to hold serious marketing studies in this regard," says he, adding that Belarusians mostly bring goods made of textiles from the EU countries. Residents of frontier areas often buy domestic utensils, construction instruments, automobile tires, cell phones.

However, there was no specific studies on this issue. At present, the statistical data is only available for the internal use - the so-called "special statistics". Even the precise number of Belarusians who travel to the EU countries is unknown - oly the common number for all Belarusian borders - citizens of Belarus crossed the state border 12 million times in the last 8 months.