Crosses finally replaced with Radzivil eagle on the one hundred thousand bill

The new bills of 100,000 rubles have appeared in circulation. However, they are coming out gradually. The National Bank spokesman Alyaksandr Tsimashenka said to Euroradio: 

Tsimashenka: "The new bills that are being printed already have a new design. We did not set a task of replacing the old currency notes in circulation with the new ones." 

Photos of the new bills have already appeared on the Russian website dedicated to bonistics (paper money collecting). 

It should be recalled that in September 2013 Nadzeya Yermakova, the chairperson of the National Bank,  told Euroradio that the Orthodox crosses on Nyasvizh Castle were painted by the artists of Russian  Goznak. According to Yermakova, the Russians side has made an official apology.

Back in 2012 Euroradio noted that the Nyasvizh Castle painted on the 100,000 bill had Orthodox crosses added to it, while the original picture by Napoleon Orda  had Radzivil eagles. The banknote was put in circulation 8 years ago - on July 15, 2005, and nobody has not noticed the error for so long. 

Note that the Radzivils were Catholics, so the Orthodox cross on their palaces distorts not only a work of art by Napoleon Orda, but also the historical realities. 

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