Concert in memory of poet Anatol Sys takes place in Minsk

A charity rock-concert in memory of a poet Anatol Sys took place in the Red Church in Minsk yesterday.

Lyavon Volskі, Kasya Kamotskaya, "Palats", "Indiga" and Alyaksandr Pamіdorau took part in the concert. They performed songs to verses of national poets including Anatol Sys and Belarusian national songs.

The collected money will be used to create a monument to the poet. A sculptor Henadz Loika is working on it. The monument will be opened during at 3rd anniversary of the poet’s death.

The monument will be made of black granite. The project of the headstone is a cross with the poet’s bas-relief in its centre.

A statute of a bird symbolizing “the Belarusian nightingale heart” is placed in the upper right part of the bas-relief. That’s how adherents called the poet. An inscription “Sys Anatol”, his date of birth and death will be written in the bottom part of the cross.