BRSM designs new embroidery shirts (photo)

The Belarusian Republican Youth Union has designed its own embroidery shirt, the BRSM website reports.


Red apples and green braches are the basis of the design symbolizing youth and creativity. “Apples have always symbolized wealth, peacefulness and eternal youth in Slavonic cultures. The connection between apples and apple-trees is also symbolic. It reflects the connection between generations and children’s desire to continue their parents’ work,” BRSM explained.

The embroidery shirt was designed by the participants of the contest “100 ideas for Belarus”.

By the way, the BRSM embroidery shirts resemble Ukrainian national shirts instead of Belarusian ones at first glance.


Finalists of the Belarusian students contest Queen Spring-2016 were the first people to try the shirts on. The contest will be held in Minsk on May 26.