Brest authorities do not allow demonstration with social mottoes

Brest authorities have not allowed a demonstration with social mottoes. The action was supposed to be held on May 7 because this year’s Labour Day coincided with Easter. Brest affiliate of the Social-Democratic Party (Hramada) applied for the action. Social-democrats planned to protest against decree #3 (“freeloaders’ tax”) and the pension age increase.

The City Executive Committee has not allowed the action, head of Brest affiliate of the Social-Democratic Party (Hramada) Hanna Kanyus told Euroradio.

Kanyus: “The main reason for the refusal was the fact that we had been planning to walk along Masherov Avenue (central street – Euroradio). Secondly, we had no agreements with medics and the police. We did not sign the agreements because we need the authorities’ permission first as the time and place could change.”

The decision of the City Executive Committee violates human rights, Kanyus thinks. According to the law On Mass Actions, it is not necessary to agree with medics and the police before getting permission to organize mass actions, she said.


Social-democrats were allowed to organize the Labour Day manifestation using the same itinerary in 2013. The activists signed agreements with medics and policemen after receiving the permission back then.


The Social-Democratic Party (Hramada) activists are planning to appeal the decision of the city authorities in Brest Province Executive Committee.