Belarus's Alyaksei Zhyhalkovich wins children's Eurovision

11-year-old Alyaksei Zhyhalkovich of Minsk and his back-up dancers team All Stars win the children's Eurovision song contest in the Netherlands. The Belarusians have outperformed Armenia's Arevik band just with one point.
Alyaksei with his song "With Friends" (he was singing in Russian) was the last 17th number to come on stage. The preliminary voting results gave a strong lead to Armenia.

However, 12 points from Malta and Lithuania that Zhyhalkovich received towards the end of the vote helped him secure a narrow win (Belarus (137), Armenia (136).

This is Belarus's second victory in this contest over the past five years. In 2005, Ksenia Sitnik celebrated the victory for Belarus.

Photo by Syarhey Serabro