Belarusian MFA still unaware of missing Ukrainian’s whereabouts

Photo: BELTA

The Belarusian MFA is still unaware of the whereabouts of Ukrainian Pavel Grib, 19. Yet, he has already been found in Krasnodar detention centre in Russia!  The Russian FSB confirmed this information to Ukrainian diplomats on Thursday. A criminal case for terrorism has been started against the Ukrainian there.

Homel Chyhunachny District Department of the Interior is investigating the disappearance of the Ukrainian who came to Belarus to meet with a Russian girl on August 24, the website of the Belarusian MFA reported on Friday morning.  According to the website, ‘Mr. Grib was not detained by the Belarusian police and did not ask the police for help’. Does it mean that he was detained by some other structure? Will Homel police find it out? According to the MFA’s report, “the Ukrainian’s [Pavel Grib] whereabouts are unknown”.

The police keep investigating the disappearance of the Ukrainian citizen in Belarus. “A complex of search operations” has been organized. A criminal case may also be started. Meanwhile, Ukraine is waiting for the Belarusian authorities to explain why Pavel Grib is in Russia now.