Belarusian KGB arrests former head of Parliament Uladzimir Kanaplyou

The KGB officers are working on their case investigation, Pressball informs.

Head of the department for information and public relations of the Investigatory Committee of Belarus Pavel Travulka first neither confirmed nor denied the information about the arrest to Pressball, but gave a clear formulation later on: "There is no criminal case against Uladimir Mikalaevich Kanaplyou in the Investigatory Committee". This means, other authorities may be dealing with this case.

Uladzimir Kanaplyou is 49. In 1991-1994 he was an assistant to MP Alyaksandr Lukashenka, and then became assistant tot he state leader. In 2004-2007 Kanaplyou was a speaker of the House of Representatives in Belarus. Recently, he headed the Belarusian Handball Federation.

The Handball Federation couldn't confirm the fact of Uladzimir Kanaplyou's arrest to Euroradio.

Ex-speaker Uladzimir Kanaplyou at a hockey match. Beside him - acting MFA Uladzimir Makei (left), businessman Yury Chyzh (last to the left), assistant to the state leader Natallia Pyatkeivich (last to the right). Photo by