Belarusian General Prosecutor doesn't know Baumgertner's extradition date

Officials of the Office for Prosecutor General in Belarus have told RIA Novosti that they had no information as for the possible terms of the Uralkali CEO's extradition. Russia's Embassy in Belarus says they only learned abut the extradition from the press and have no official information so far. Vladislav Baumgertner's lawyers also say they have no information for the media by now.

"Baumgertner will be transferred under the jurisdiction of Russia's law-enforcement authorities soon," Interfax-West quotes the representative of Russia's office for Prosecutor General.

In Russia, the case of the Uralkali CEO is considered by the chief administration of the Investigatory Committee. Baumgertner is accused of power abuse.

Uralkali CEO Vladislav Baumgertner was detained at a Minsk airport after a meeting with Belarusian PM Mikhail Myasnikovich on August 26. The Belarusian Investigation Committee announced that the Uralkali CEO did damage to Belarus’ national interests. Baumgertner was accused of power and authority abuse. The Belarusian Potash Company lost 100 million dollars, the Committee claimed. The charges were changed later – the Uralkali CEO is accused of embezzlement now.

Baumgertner spent a month in KGB prison and was put under house arrest in Minsk. His case papers make up 19 volumes.

The enquiry about Uralkali CEO's extradition to Russia was sent to Belarus in the end of October.

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