Belarus university diploma recognized in China, Vietnam, Russia and Poland only

The European Radio for Belarus explores if Belarusian diplomas are valid abroad.  The department of international relations at the Ministry of Education told our radio that there would be no problems with diplomas in the countries that signed bilateral agreements with Belarus. But the list of those countries is somewhat small.

"As for bilateral agreements, we have them with China, Vietnam, Russia and Poland. In the CIS member states, the diploma issued before 1992 are recognized without limitations", the Ministry of Education said.

In other cases, Belarus diploma should seek international recognition.

In order to have your diploma recognized, one has to approach the National Center for Document Recognition. The Ministry of Education says it will be easier to have a Belarusian diploma recognized abroad, if a holder plans to continue education. Otherwise, the procedure will be more difficult.

Belarus has not signed official agreements with Western European nations to recognize diplomas and scientific titles. But the National Institute of Higher Education assured Euroradio that everything depended on a concrete situation:

Супрацоўніца РІВШ: "The decision on every particular diploma is taken individually", a staff at the National Institute of Higher Education told our correspondent.

EUroradio has also talked to those who faced problems with the recognition of their diplomas abroad.

Nina, a Candidate of Science in History from Belarus, migrated to the Czech Republic. The University of Prague denied recognition to her scientific title. The Czech Republic just like other Western nations, do not recognize this scientific title. According to Nina, they do not understand what "a candidate of science" means.

Nina: "If it were written "Doctor of Philosophy", they would have accepted it. Otherwise, they don't recognize it".

It is worth noting that a foreigner that studies in Belarus can obtaine a diploma in the English languge.The scientific standard will be written in accordance with the European standards. Can a Belarusian scientist obtain such a diploma?

The Belarus education officials maintain that there is such a posibility. It is stipulated in the legal provisions.

Lena from Belarus went to live in Montenegro. She found out there that her Belarusin diploma could be recognized but with limitationі.

Lena: "Theoretically, it is possible, but it costs a lot -- 500 Euro".

First, the documents have to be transted by a certified translator. Then, a special commission will be ghathered to take a final decision. Depending on the profession, additional hurdles could emerge.

Apparently, Belarusians who wish to work in the Western countries will have to face difficulties when trying to have their unibersity diploma recognized. The propblems will differ depending on the country, the city or even the university. Otherwise, we are also Europeans.