Belarus' potash exports revenues drop 37%

Belarus is experiencing a drop in exports of goods, reports. In January 2016, total exports of goods amounted to 1.561 billion dollars, which is 21.2% less than in January 2015.

There has been a sharp drop in the export of potash fertilizers -- one of the main goods that Belarus exports to foreign markets.

According to the National Statistics Committee, the export of potash decreased by 31.6% in January 2016 - down to 311.4 thousand tons. In monetary terms, the losses are even bigger -- 37%, down to 142 million dollars.

The loss of income is felt by oil refineries, too. In January 2016, the export of oil products decreased 5.3% over the same period last year -- down to 1.6 million tons. In monetary terms, the drop was 33.3% (464.3 million dollars).

Dairy industry has managed to increase exports by 20%, but the financial results still fell -- by 7.7%, to 114.2 million dollars. However, the supply of meat clearly increased - by 7.7%, to $40 million.

Deliveries of tractors increased by 23.2% -- to 42.9 million dollars.
Exports of ferrous metals in January fell by 56.4% -- to 32.7 million dollars, tractors - by 44.3%, to 21.8 million.