Belarus inflation currently exceeds the annual target

Compared with June, prices rose by 0.9%, BELAPAN reports with reference to the National Statistics Committee. 

Beginning of the year saw food prices rise by 14.8%. Prices for eggs (11.1%), sugar (9.1%), alcoholic beverages (2.9%), tea (2.2%), sausages and smoked products (1.8% ), cereals and legumes (1.1%) rose most significantly. Oil (0.5%), potato (11.2%) and vegetables (11.7%) prices went down.

Beginning of the year also saw increase in non-food prices by 3.6%. Gasoline rose most significantly in July (5.5%) followed by writing instruments (3.5%), medical supplies (2.5%), detergents (1%). 

Beginning of the year also saw increase in prices and tariffs for paid services by 16.5%. Health and spa services rose most significantly (3.7%), followed by international rail services (3.4%) and household services (1.5%). 

It should be recalled that according to the official forecast, inflation in 2014 should equal 11%. However, the government warned that the figure could be revised downwards. In April, Nadzeya Ermakova, the chairman of the National Bank, stated that instead of 11% per year inflation total around 16-17%. 

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