BCP refuses to boycott elections

The Belarusian Communist Party has refused to boycott the elections and will take part in the campaign till the end. The decision was taken at a meeting of the party in Minsk on August 10. The press secretary of the party Syarhei Vaznyak informed ERB about it:

Vaznyak: "A pre-election platform has been confirmed. It was decided that the party will take part in the elections until the end – we did not support the idea of a boycott. It was decided unanimously so we will participate till the end”.

The party meeting was devoted to election problems. Deputy contenders were chosen there. S.Vaznyak noted that the BCP had selected 18 people. All of them are collecting signatures and 12 contenders have already collected the necessary amount. Opposition communists will secure their candidates by party selection in districts were party organizations exist.