Barack Obama accuses Russia of aggression against Ukraine

Expressing strong condemnation of Russia, Obama stressed that the Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine are not performing either a peacekeeping or humanitarian mission, as the Kremlin tries to put it. 

"These are Russian military units with Russian weapons and Russian tanks,"  the BBC reports words of the American president. "We need to unite in the face of the Russian aggression in Ukraine," said Obama. 
President of the United States reacted cautiously to reports about there being a cease-fire agreement reached between the parties of conflict in eastern Ukraine. According to him, a genuine settlement in the region is impossible as long as Russia is sending their troops and weapons to Ukraine.

Obama said the United States did not intend to recognize the annexation of Crimea to Russia. "We will not accept the occupation and illegal annexation of Crimea or any other part of Ukraine," he said. 
Obama also said that the United States will definitely act in defense of their NATO allies.

Photo - Reuters