Banks sell deposited factories

They also continue trading juices, tinned food, chicken and socks. Two months ago, the European Radio for Belarus covered bank announcements about the sale of deposited property. Have banks sold deposited socks, cars and factories?

Apart from juices and tinned food, sold by Belagrobank, the list now also includes poultry at Br6000 per kilo. This is almost Br2000 cheaper than at an ordinary shop. In fact, everyone can buy a chicken.

“If an ordinary man needs buy a small stock for a wedding party or a jubilee, this option could be considered”, says a staff at the foreclosure department of Belagroprombank.

The same situation is observed at BPS-Bank. Chicken can even be bought a piece, but normally trade organizations buy them from banks.

We have also learned from Belagroprobank that a dairy from Cherven has made the biggest purchase recently.

According to the forecasts of banking analysts, the list of the sold deposited property will be updated in the near future. Due to the crisis, enterprises will find it more difficult to pay off the loans.

“We will soon have whole factories, e.g. a poultry-processing factory in Svetlahorsk and a construction materials market in the Pukhavichy district”, Belagroprombank told our radio.

However, a 2004 Porshe that PriorBank has long since been trying to sell for Br76 million has not found a new owner yet. We tried to purchase it.

PriorBank: “We have had enough calls. There are 3-4 realistic buyers who saw this vehicle and are ready to buy, but the price is too high for them”.

The bank plans to revise the price of the car. In 2-3 weeks, the price of the Porshe could be reduced.

We have also learned from Belarusbank that it is possible to buy cheaply a car parking or a warehouse. Stockings have not found their buyer yet, either. Instead, there are those who wish to buy a plane which has been grounded for several years and costs Br120 million. Plane owner Valery Kulyashou, who used it as a deposit for a loan, says there were several organizations that wished to buy it indeed.

“One firm approached us and wanted the plane to be based at our airfield and our pilots perform certain jobs. We agreed, but they have stopped showing up, apparently, due to financial problems”.

Valery Kulyashou is prepared to consider any proposal from potential buyers. If someone gets really serious, he could negotiate to reduce the price.