Average Russian salary higher than in Belarus

The news about "The average salary in Russia soon being equal to salary in Belarus" that appeared on Russian portals prompted active discussion in the Belarusian Internet. Euroradio also compared salaries in the neighboring countries and found that nothing big had happened.

According to the Russian Federal Service of State Statistics, in March 2016 the average salary amounted to 35,501 Russian rubles. At the rate of the National Bank (in March, the Russian ruble was exchanged for 293 Belarusian rubles) we get 10,401,793 Belarusian rubles. According to the National Statistics Committee, the average salary in the country in March totaled 7,094,521 Belarusian rubles. Accordingly, our earnings are to 3,307,272 lower than in Russia.

In the article, with which the discussion began, compared the average salaries in Russia in 2015 with salaries in Belarus during the pre-crisis period of 2013. There were also compared salaries in both countries in 2015 but based on purchasing power parity. It is on this indicator that the Belarusians caught up with the Russians.