Activists of Tell the Truth expects apologies from Tatstsyana Karatkevich


Pinsk activists of Tell the Truth are indignant at Tatstsyana Karatlevich’s statements about the authors of Regnum detained for Belarussophobic articles.

She personally knows Yury Paulavets and he ‘simply expressed his opinion’, the ex-presidential candidate told a Russian website. She does not share the views of the detained and disagrees with their assessment of the situation in Belarus, Karatkevich noted.

The interview made Pinskers Dzmitry Prylouski and Alyaksandr Kopas indignant. They have published a statement on VKontakte. “National interests should not be sold either in Moscow or in the West,” the activists announced. They are expecting apologies from Tatstsyana Karatkevich now, Belsat reports.