Activist Alyakandr Shachanok missing in Bykhau

BelaPAN got informed about the disappearance by Magileu activist Barys Bukhel. 

According to the human rights activist, Shachanka was last seen  in Bykhau District Court on August 27. There was a hearing over the suit that the activist had filed against his neighbor, who was charged with causing Shachenka grievous bodily harm. Bukhel keeps contact with relatives of the missing activist from Bykhau district and Magileu, who informed him about the disappearance of Alyaksandr. 

Bukhel says he has called the desk of the accidents bureau at the Magileu Regional Executive Committee, but to no avail. According to him, on 29 August Shachenka relatives filed a complaint with the police about the disappearance of the activist. 

Shachanok led an active social life. He repeatedly lodged complaints to law enforcement agencies about the misconduct, in his opinion, of individual employees of the Byhau police department. During the elections to the local government bodies in March he was a member of the initiative group of Leanid Padbyaretski, candidate from the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada).