Actions in defense of the Old Town continue in Hrodna

An action “Stop, vandals” took place in ten meters from the regional KGB affiliate in Hrodna on Sunday.
Young people placed a poster and lit candles on a ХІХth century building that the local authorities have already started taking into pieces.

It took them several minutes to put the poster “Stop, vandals” on the former dwelling house. Then several dozen people joined them and lit candles.

According to the organizers, everything was done in the framework of a civil campaign aimed at saving Hrodna. Historians and civil activists claim they have not managed to make the authorities change their mind.

That is why they can only hope that the protest action will help.

Zmіtser Tsvіkevіch, ERB, Hrodna.

Зміцер Цвікевіч, Еўрарадыё, Гродна