17 thousand signatures collected against exit customs duty

Over 17 thousand signees are urging Alyaksandr Lukashenka and other officials to stop considering the introduction of a $100 exit tax for Belarusians traveling for shopping excursions abroad. The collection of signatures is still in process. 

Alyaksandr Lukashenka suggested charging people going abroad “$100 a head” last week. Vice PM Pyotr Prakapovich confirmed on September 11 that it was not a joke and that the duty could be introduced within a month.

Pyotr Prakapovich: “We are studying the situation: the number of people, how often they go abroad and why. The situation is not simple. We moved 3 billion dollars to Lithuania and Poland last year. It does not mean that we do not sell anything there. Our people sell cigarettes and petrol there and make money on it.”  

The duty will probably be imposed on those who buy goods abroad in order to resell them in Belarus, Prakapovich told Euroradio.

Meanwhile, opposition activists have begun a company against government's plans to introduce the exit customs duty.

Photo: bymedia.net