16:37 Kazulin’s rehabilitation after hunger strike prolonged for one more month

The rehabilitation term of the former presidential candidate Aliaksandar Kazulin has been prolonged. The politician’s daughter was informed about it by the head of the labour settlement “Vitsba-3” Ruslan Pryimak. Kazulin was freed from work for one more month and was prescribed a special diabetic diet.

In spite of this decision of the settlement’s administration, Kazulin takes part in all undertakings of his group.

According to Pryimak, Kazulin feels well.

Let us remind you that the politician’s lawyer Іhar Rynkevіch insisted on prolonging the term of rehabilitation after the hunger strike.

As it was reported, Kazulin stopped his hunger strike on December 11. He started it on October 20 in protest against “lawlessness in the country” and demanded to discuss “the Belarusian issue” at a meeting of the UN Security Council, informs the “Telegraph” agency.