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UN Human Rights Committee to consider Belarusian’s complaint


The UN Human Rights Committee will consider the complaint lodged by deputy head of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Yuras Belenki.


Belenki is trying to appeal the fines for the commemoration actions in Kurapaty and Loshytsa Yar held in 2014, the human rights website Viasna reports. The politician was punished for not agreeing with the police on the measures to keep the order at the mass actions. Nevertheless, the actions were allowed by Minsk City Executive Committee and the order was not violated there.

Belenki is protesting against the fines because the BPF Party was the organizer of the actions. He also thinks that he did not have to pay for security and medical services because it was the state’s responsibility to keep the order at peaceful actions.

Belenki is being persecuted for the realization of his right for peaceful assembly and the freedom of expression.  

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