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Okean Elzy devote song to Pavel Sheremet at Minsk Arena gig

Photo: Nasha Niva

During the Okean Elzy concert on December 10 at Minsk Arena, Sviatoslav Vakarchuk dedicated one of his songs to journalist Pavel Sheremet who was murdered in Kyiv earlier this year. Vakarchuk said Sheremet was close to him.

“I know many people in Belarus. All of them are very good people. We can comunicate and spend time together. I used to have such a man, a brother in spirit. We did not communicate with him very often but he brought a lot into my life. He was the true son of Belarusian people. He is the man who is hugely respected and lliked in Ukraine, your compatriot - Pavel Sheremet. And I want to dedicate this song to him. The whole Ukraine is proud of him. Liudmila Stanislavovna [according to Ukrainian media reports, Vakarchuk invited Sheremet's mother to the concert], we all are with you. Thank you for your son."


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