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Lukashenka stresses Belarus' freedom, independence during ceremony in Minsk

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"Certain people are still trying to say that Belarusians are the people without roots. Such thinking is not accidental. Many people do not like independent Belarus living by its wits and labor. The mission of the true creator is to withstand any lies, any falsehood and hypocrisy. It is especially important when we talk about the Fatherland, the native country. This is the field of the spiritual battle for Belarus, for our values, ideals, and traditions. And to win this battle, to win it in the souls of people is the genuine noble mission of those whom we honor today," Belarus President is quoted by the state news agency BELTA as saying when presenting For Spiritual Revival Awards, 10 Special Awards for Culture and Arts Figures, and awards to Belarusian Sports Achievers.

Lukashenka stressed that "History gave a unique chance to our creative people. This is a chance to make a contribution to the development of the Belarusian nation. Together with you, the present generations of people fulfilled the centuries-old dream of our ancestors to create the first independent Belarusian state in history. Today our common goal is to protect the freedom and independence of the country for the future generations."

Photo by BELTA
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