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Belarus introduces visa-free five-day regime for 80 countries

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Belarus President on January 9 signed his edict No 8 introducing a visa-free stay for five days or less for citizens of 80 countries.

According to the president's press office, there is only one condition: to enter Belarus via the Minsk international airport. The decree applies to all EU member states, the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Brazil, Indonesia and other 'migration-wise favorable countries', 'Belarus' strategic partners' and the countries that have unanimously introduced the visa-free regime for Belarusian citizens. To be able to enter Belarus (via the international airport) visa-free, foreigners are expected to have a vald travel document (passport), a valid medical insurance policy worth at least 10 000 euros and cash money in amount of at least 21 euros per day.

The citizens of Vietnam, Haiti, Gambia, Honduras, India, China, Lebanon, Namibia, Samoa must have a valid multi-entry EU or Schengen visa with a stamp verifying entry to their territory. They also must have a return ticket with the departure date within 5 days since their arrival at the Minsk international airport.

The edict aims to promote business travel, tourism and private visits. It does not apply to foreigners on official trips (holding service or diplomatic passports). Persons who come to Belarus on flights from Russia do not quallify for this arrangement either.

The edict will come into effect one month after its official publication, preliminary from February 11, 2017.

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